What’s old is new again: Explaining our logo

Posted by Eric Nov 08, 2014

Xenizo Games may be a new company, but the enigmatic emblem that’s emblazoned on its website and social media has ancient roots. So what does it mean?

Our logo comes from a cuneiform tablet dated c. 3000 B.C. that researchers believe is a record of food supplies. I saw it up close at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto in 2013 as part of a Mesopotamia exhibit.

Here is the British Museum’s description of the tablet:

This clay tablet records the allocation of rations. The sign drawn in the lower middle of the tablet represents a human head with a triangular object in front. This triangular shape represents a mass-produced ration bowl big enough to contain one day's worth of food. This combination of pictographs expressed the idea of eating, and was later used to write the Sumerian word ku, 'to eat'.

An image that depicts provisions or having a meal fits with our company name, Xenizo, because it implies offering hospitality, and it’s peculiar too. To put our own spin on it, we put some mystery food in the bowl. An empty bowl wouldn't be very hospitable. The logo’s colors are the same as our company’s, but the logo’s color scheme could change in the future to reflect moods, themes, seasons, etc. 

So that’s enough to fill anyone in on the logo. Or fill up.

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